IPTV players not working 50fps

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    Why in IPTV players, for example in (TiviMate, OTT Navigator) the original stream at 25fps the picture jerks, there is no smoothness. It turns out there is no deinterlacing at 50fps. I have 1080p50 in the screen settings.

    By the way, in the Perfect Player player everything is fine, smoothly - when I select the Hardware decoder and deinterlacing works, it immediately outputs at 50fps.

    But in the players (TiviMate, OTT Navigator) they also select the Hardware decoder, then it still goes to 25fps and the picture jerks. Why is that?

    Ziddo not working exoplayer API

    VIDEO URL: https://yadi.sk/i/n5wx26m7eZ-qVQ
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