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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X10' started by myzidoo, May 31, 2018.

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    Dunno how hard it would be to add the following feature :

    the player currently only displays chapter NUMBERS.
    There might be other users which like me have a huge library of music concerts (DVD-BD).
    Clearly with full chapter navigation you can easily navigate through the concert (songs)...but the most effective format for concerts is actually MKV where the chapters are being named with mkvtoolnix. Close the 100% of concerts follow the simple rule of chapter=song.

    If playing these files back on certain players (for ex dune neo or hd 4K) when hitting the chapter button there is a pop-up window which lists all chapters (actually all song names). As with dune the concert is not interrupted when the pop-up appears it is very smooth and rapid to switch and select the various songs.

    So maybe as a feature request it would be nice if the zidoo player could :

    - read chapter names of mkv
    -display all chapters in a selector pop-up window

    Just an idea to make zidoo players even better because clearly it's leading the pack of all these android based players and trust me...I tried and had a lot of them

    The x20 is already on my shopping list

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