I need help with TV and TV Box.

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    I am a newbie to the TV and Tv Boxes field, your patience and advice would be very appreciated.

    After hours of trying to find the suitable TV for my Budget, I landed on LG Oled B7 55''. I wanted an Android TV OS first but Sony isn't very common in my country and it is much more expensive.

    So I started looking into Android Boxes and I couldn't be more confused.

    I want to be able to stream through my network movies to my TV, large files 50gb+, I am worried that my LG won't handle my Media Center files very well with the stock player.

    I started looking into ABCya Adam4Adam POF Himedia Q10 Pro, then I looked into minix u9 and now I am looking into nvidia shield, I don't know what to get or if I need them at all, my TV should arrive next week but I wanted to research these things asap because I buy everything internationally and it takes a while for things to arrive, so the sooner I order , the less time I have to wait.
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