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HT database very messed up, suggestions?

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by floydo, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. floydo

    floydo New Member

    Help! HT (ver 1.8.9) database is a mess in my X9S....I think I need to delete it and start over, but the question is how. Do I just clear the databases, and rescan the sources, or do I need to factory reset the unit completely then re-set up the network, apps shares, etc? (hope not) Or?


    Was at firmware 2.0.34 that thought most movies were scanned and fixed via renaming adding year, rematching using imdb (mix of mkvs, vobs, mp4s, avis) in several local directories. Coming from popcorn hour used naming per various guides for directories and file names (vobs in movie name (year)\video\) Updated to 2.1.22, then in HT menu manually re-scaned. Result was going from over 400 poster wall items to 312 and from a couple unmatched movies (in directories) to 148 unmatched mostly vobs! Didn't know how to "match" a vob..so did a database restore and got back to 391 posters, and 44 unmatched vobs and a few mkvs...but also found in the poster wall movies with missing vobs, or the wrong vob in a mkv movie. One movie with over 100 vobs from various movies...weird....
    Plus the 2.1.22 seems to be scanning constantly...so now there is new firmware, and I feel that I need to make the jump to 2.1.25 which is reported to have HT ver 2.28.

    So the question is what is the best approach? Easiest would be to, update firmware, delete databases and start over, but looking for suggestions!
  2. floydo

    floydo New Member

    Update: After spending much time wandering zidoo and other resources, resolved the issue:
    Updated HT app (thanks to a zidoo forum post that linked it).
    Deleted .HomeTheater files
    Cleared app
    Scanned. The new version works much better at scraping, only had to tweak about 3% of the movies and they were fixed. New app is also much better at collections and sorting/combining stray vobs....No need for Zidoo reset. Hope this may help someone else that may have a similar issue.
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  3. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member Beta test group Contributor

    is there an update pass 2.28 ?
  4. floydo

    floydo New Member

    HaoSs, good question.
    I got the link for HT from OlivierQC review of X10. It is a mystery to me where Zidoo posts the latest. Olivier refers to X9S 2.1.25 which he states contains HT 2.28. X9S 2.1.25 is the most current Firmware on Zidoo forum as of 5 May.....2.1.22 is the most recent on the Zidoo download website....

    So one maybe could assume the latest HT is in the latest FW?
    I will say 2.28 also assembles together the (earlier version) often split up/messed up series S01E0x into two different HT wall groups...

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