How to use the learning function of the x9 RC

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    x9's infrared RC is with the function of learning
    The Operation of Learning Function:

    1. Long press the “SETTING”button on the TV BOX RC for about 5s, until the red indicator light of RC from the flicker to the long bright state, it is entering a state of learning now;

    2. Press on the Learning key(TV/AV, volume up+,volume down-) what you need to learn on the TV RC, the red indicator light flashes(slowly flashes), this is in the receiving state of learning ;

    3. One hand keeps the learning TV RC, keeping a face-to-face state with the TV BOX RC,which is about 3-5mm distance between them. Then press the key you need to learn;

    4. After learning, the red indicator light will flash 3 times quickly then keep long bright, you can choose other learning keys to learn later;

    5. If failure to learn, the red indicator light will flash 5 times, then should return to the learning state, and repeat steps 2-4;

    6. After learning, press any other key beyond the TV RC area to exit the learning state, and the red indicator light go out. During learning, waiting for more than 15s at any time, it will automatically exit the learning state.
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    Are we talking about the same remote?
    The one supplied with my X9 looks like this:
    It has no "SETTINGS" button. Do you mean the Grey "POWER" button?

    Another question for you. What protocol does the remote use? RC5, RC6?
    If or whenever the original remote fails, I'd like to know what type of remote to buy to replace it
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    The grey button, hold 5 sec then match your tv remote. There also the zidoo remote via your android phone.
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    my little girl destroy the zidoo rc....

    is possible order another one..or two? lol

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    x9 with infrared RC is designed for the purpose of the learning function. A long time press on this button light up red light of RC which flicker to long bright state. It is of great interest for students. The best paper writing service also helps you to understand its working.

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