How to set VPN in X9?

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9' started by Henry Tang, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. Henry Tang

    Henry Tang New Member

    Hi, I just received the X9 with firmware
    Unlike other Android device, I could not locate the VPN setting in general setting . Could you tell me where to get the VPN setup?

    Thanks! :)
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  2. Henry Tang

    Henry Tang New Member

    Hello, is there anybody can help me? Please.

    VPN is a native function in Android, I am wondering why it was disappeared....

    Thank you! :)
  3. Henry Tang

    Henry Tang New Member

    Nobody here using VPN?

    May be here is just a general Chating room.

    Where can I get the official assistance? I need the official reply on this VPN issue. Can somebody help me?

    Thanks a lot.
  4. freeroc

    freeroc Active Member

    we cut off some functions when we Customized the system for TVBOX. Some service are not used often, cut them would made the system more smoothly.
    If you need VPN service ,Please find third party software in google play store.
    Such as OPENVPN, etc..
  5. Tboyle

    Tboyle New Member

  6. Scott

    Scott Member

    I tried OPENVPN and it does NOT work on Zidoo X9 but it does work on Tronsmart MXIII Plus !
    I get an error when I try connecting with Zidoo X9 .

    tun.ko.kernel module not loaded

    So how do you load this on the Zidoo X9 since it does not have to be loaded when I install it on other boxes ?
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  7. Henry Tang

    Henry Tang New Member

    I gave up setting VPN in X9 and actually I gave up X9. I am playing my Nvidia Shield TV for almost 2 months. I could not use OpenVPN and also other VPN software in X9. X9 need to be rooted for using VPN. You may try to root it first. Good luck!

    Thanks! :)

  8. anntarty

    anntarty New Member

    this unit is not worth it. they give you advice that does not work. they should not have cut this option out as its and important option and the apps dont work nor does zamboided as their site more worthless suggestion,
  9. ravo

    ravo New Member

    hotspot shield works on my x9 you could also try smart DNS
  10. Scott

    Scott Member

    what was the secret to get it working ? Did you set your X9 up special in settings for ethernet connection ?
  11. ravo

    ravo New Member

    sorry for the delay, but are you talking about hot spot shield or smart DNS. I think it would be the same setup for WiFi or ethernet connection
  12. Scott

    Scott Member

    Not an answer sorry ! I have tried installing several VPN software packages and I get all the same results No Connection even when I get it work on another brand of android device box or tablet !

    Including Hotspot Shield
  13. ravo

    ravo New Member

    hi, my Hotspot Shield does not work any more on the X9, works on every other device I have, it's the same as mobdro that won't work
    either. If you just want to watch catch up tv from the uk then just use smart dns.
  14. SeaDoo_SkiDoo

    SeaDoo_SkiDoo New Member

    I've tried running VPN by using StrongSWAN VPN or OpenVPN. Both apps were unable to connect due to "TUN" problems. We need some kind of firmware patch so that the VPN apps will be able to establish connections. Not sure what Zidoo has been doing, but from the responses above, I don't think they have any ideas. Telling us to use OpenVPN "will work" is pure fantasy and irresponsible to its user base.

    I just read that another android box manufacturer (I think it's Minix) upgrade their older gen box from Android 4.4.2 box to 5.1.1. Considering how expensive Xidoo X9 was, it makes me envious of good support, which Zidoo obviously not providing to its customer base. In fact, I am looking at Zidoo box and retail sites in disdain nowadays.
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  15. Jorge

    Jorge New Member

    Any news about VPN?
    One thing that let me buy zidoo X9s is the VPN feature and the zidoo staff also tell me to use some VPN app, but still not working!
  16. matthew22

    matthew22 New Member

    For x9s you go with some dedicated ip vpns then you can easily use it i dont have much knowledge about it but the article i mention below it was helpful for you.

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