How to create a Debug Log (RTD 1619BPD Players)

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    The following app can be installed to allow you to create a debug log if asked by the devs.

    To use:

    1. Install the app

    2. Insert an empty USB key

    3. Run the app and select "Start All" (there are other options but only use those if specifically instructed)

    4. Press "Home" to return to the home screen

    5. Complete the steps required to replicate the bug you have identified.

    Think carefully about this - what we don't want is megs and megs of useless debug logs to wade through - so only do what's needed to replicate the issue you're having.

    6. Return to the Debug app and select "Stop All"

    7. Remove the USB key and you will see a directory called "rtk_dump" - zip or rar this directory using Winzip/Winrar or similar and then post the zip file as an attachment to the forum.

    As I say, this is only useful if requested by the devs so please don't go posting debug logs all over the forums - no-one will look at them...

    ** Just a quick note to say that, depending what you're doing at the time the logs are taken, they may contain data relating to file names you are playing or have scanned etc. No data is logged that can identify you or compromise your security in any way, and of course you can open the files yourselves with a text editor to have a look through before sending to see what's in there. If asked by the devs, you can also PM the logs if you don't want to post the files on an open forum **
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    Here are the three logs from:

    - Change Poster Crash
    - Collection Crash
    - Surfing Cast Crash

    More will follow (playing movie crash)

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    @mirror - can the devs take a look at the above logs please - I've seen a lot of reports of crashing in similar circumstances although I've been unable to replicate it myself.
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