how can I open the top cover of X10

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X10' started by Floatonwater, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. Floatonwater

    Floatonwater New Member

    The fan is very noisy now, and I want to open the top cover to have a look what happens to the fan. Anyone knows how I can open the top cover? Or any suggestion on removing the noise from the fan? Thank you.
  2. Max-78

    Max-78 Member

    Hello! :)

    I'm also interested in info how to open the box :)
    In my case the entire HDD tray is ripped-out of the box = non usable and ratless all over the box :-(
    I'd give a try to straighten the mounting elements, the tray itself and then fix it to the box - with a bit of good luck :)
  3. SBS

    SBS New Member

    From the bottom of the box under the three rubber feet and a paper sticker, you will find four mounting screws.
    Fan, this is the trouble of the player. The manufacturer save on such an important element. It's recommended to replace for a good fan from Noctua, for example.
  4. videobruce

    videobruce Member

    Probably from the same source that TiVo/Rovi uses for their DVR's. :p
  5. hasomaso

    hasomaso New Member

  6. videobruce

    videobruce Member

    There is so little air movement with the existing fan. I can barely detect any when I place my hand by (or over) the vents.
  7. Max-78

    Max-78 Member

    I'd say that except the FAN pushing the 'cold' air, it also should have some extra ventilation holes to allow the 'hot' air being exhausted away of the box interior.
  8. kulfsson

    kulfsson New Member

    The HDD bracket is poorly fastened and badly designed. When I ordered my X10 it arrived with a rattling bracket, i sent it back, had some issues and received a new player with the bracket loose. The shipping knocks shake it lose.

    As I had enough of this, I simply removed the remaining mounting pillars and drilled holes for screws which I used instead. Much better and I won't have to worry about it shaking lose :)
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  9. Max-78

    Max-78 Member

    Thx for sharing the fix-way ;-) I'll give a try to do the similar way :)
  10. Kokosmith

    Kokosmith New Member

    Did anyone save the fan replacement article? I would like to change the fan in my X10, but this article is not available anymore.


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