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    I really hope the guys at Zidoo get around to it and fix Home Theater, to give it the amount of polish the Zidoo hardware deserves.

    I love my Zidoo, so much so that I replaced my Z9X, with Z9X Pro.
    But this is only because of Emby or Jellyfin. If these didn't work, I would not have gotten the Pro.

    I've just tried again to use it, scanning all my TV shows and Movies, which takes hours, while maybe 30 minutes with Emby or Jellyfin. Then I had to manually fix so many TV Shows and Movies as it didn't recognize them, while again Emby, Jellyfin or Plex had no issue.

    Once done, going to the TV Show Section or Movie section is so slow, having to wait for each icon to load, which again, on Emby is instant. Emby is streaming all the info, while HT has it local, it should be Much faster than a client reading info of a separate server.

    Another issue, no separation between TV Shows and Movies in the UI, currently watching, mixes both Movies and Show, same for new content, everything is mixed together.. We really need to have a option to have a split, so we can see new Show AND new Movies as separate columns.

    But the worst part is adding new content.. Why does it have to re-scan everything? I had added 3 new TV episodes, I open up HT, and it starts scanning every show, all the while, Emby scan only the new episodes and makes them available Instantly, artwork and all. I wait a bit in HT and the one I want to watch has yet to appear, while the other do, but with no artwork.. I switch back to Emby and watch the episode.

    Yet once done watching, 25 minutes later, HT is still scanning the episodes and the Artwork for all 3 new episode is yet to load?! How are we supposed to use this? It's simply too slow...

    It can't be the hardware that's too slow, Emby and Jellyfin run flawlessly on the Z9X Pro...
    I'd love to run the default Zidoo client, but its seriously lacking...

    If it wasn't for Emby or Jellyfin allowing so easily to use an external player... I wouldn't use a Zidoo player with the state of HT as it is now...
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