HEVC Main 10@L6@High: Video crashes player till reboot

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    Hi there!

    I've got a HEVC 4k video file that whenever I try to play it, it crashes the Zidoo Video Player in a way that makes it say "can't play video" for EVERY video I try to play until I reboot the device.

    The video in question does play "fine" with the internal Kodi player (using ZDMC 18.4 on firmware 2.1.30) but like every other HEVC I tried so far has audio sync issues and sometimes even stutters with HEVC. Though every other HEVC video I tried so far with the Zidoo Video Player played fine and had correct audio sync.

    Is the format profile to blame?
    > Main 10@L6@High

    I've checked the other HEVC videos I've played recently and they all had one of these format profiles:
    > Main 10@L4@Main
    > Main 10@L5@Main
    > Main 10@L5.1@High

    Could whoever reads this report if you where able to play HEVC videos with other format profiles than the 3 above, or even "Main 10@L6@High" which crashed the player for me?

    Thank you!
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