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    Good morning everyone.
    THANK YOU for this incredible forum.
    I have had the Z10 PRO for a year and I am happy with the quality it gives me.
    I currently use the ZIDOO with the optoma uhz50 to watch movies and series in UHD REMUX.
    This week the SAMSUNG S95C arrives in 65 inches and I will also hook it up to the zidoo to also enjoy the movies and series by zidoo on my new QD-OLED.
    I have several questions or problems if you can help me.
    1.- What would be the most interesting settings to set?
    2.- I still have some delay on a black screen when I play a movie and it looks to see if it is 2160, HDR, and the frames...what setting do you recommend that I set it to the Hz so that I don't have that small cut in black until the image is seen, although I hear the sound of the movie I played... for a few seconds but I don't like it.
    3.- I try to reproduce 3D and I can't. It is set to I have to change something in zidoo to make it play those movies that I have in 3d on the zidoo to watch on the optoma uhz50 projector?
    4.- lately they don't appear on MULTIMEDIA
    covers some movies and series that I have sent to the hard drive....but then if I go into folders they do you know why that is?
    5.- Finally, are there any different settings I need to make to see the zidoo now on the new SAMSUNG S95C OLED?
    6.- Any current or beta firmware that I should have installed?
    THANK YOU !!!

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