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Discussion in 'XBMC for Zidoo' started by doogie88, May 26, 2017.

  1. doogie88

    doogie88 New Member

    Just got my X8 and don't know how to set up ZDMC on the X8 or on my PC. Is there a guide somewhere? I had XMBC on my PC about ten years ago but don't remember how to do it.
    Is this just a branded KODI? or totally different software?
  2. Andydigital

    Andydigital Member

    It's basically Kodi with optimisations to make it work on this particular hardware, they have to name it ZDMC because its not an official fork or Kodi so all Kodi branding has to be removed. So any guides you can find for Kodi 16 and 17 will be suitable for you with ZDMC. Google and Youtube should find you many guides for you I think.
  3. doogie88

    doogie88 New Member

    Thanks. Is there a place to download 16? I'm having issues getting 17 to work on vista
  4. Guy Goyette

    Guy Goyette New Member

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