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  1. Kevinicus

    Kevinicus New Member

    I have a 1080p display for the time being (Panasonic AE8000U projector) and I have 4K files (for Atmos and DTS:X) from UHDs.

    Out of the box, I tested a file I had and it was extremely bright and had a whitish haze over everything. I've updated the firmware and now there is the option to turn HDR off. This helped a great deal, there is no longer a haze over everything, at least not one as intense. However, when there are is a lot of bright areas on screen, they are extremely bright. Areas that are darker or have color look very good, but the brightness/contrast of the highs are too much.

    Are there any other settings on the zidoo that can be manipulated to deal with this HDR/SDR issue? Or am I forced to try and find something I can do with the settings on my display for when watching content with HDR?
  2. Miguel Ramos

    Miguel Ramos Active Member

    The best way is to remux the blu-ray with the UHD Atmos audio track. I had the same projector and you get better image quality with standard Bluray :)
  3. SaskMedia

    SaskMedia Member

    Disable HDR in quick settings. This will convert everything to SDR. I did this on my older 4K non-hdr TV and it worked really well.
  4. Kevinicus

    Kevinicus New Member

    I had already done that, and it helped, but the image was still too bright.

    I have saved a setting in my projector with reduced brightness and contrast. That's acceptable, but now I just need to find a way to get the projector to switch quickly.
  5. SaskMedia

    SaskMedia Member

    You can also manually adjust picture settings on zidoo as well. Also make sure your color level is set appropriately. The Zidoo had issues doing proper matching on my TV to match my black level. I had to manually change it to the limited setting (16 to 235)
  6. Kevinicus

    Kevinicus New Member

    Is there picture settings in more than one place? I adjusted what I found, but it only seemed to affect the OS and not video files.

    I also noticed full range had a desireable effect with HDR files, but obviously, made non-HDR extremely dark.
  7. SaskMedia

    SaskMedia Member

    There’s only the one setting. Full range really won’t benefit video files as they’re all mastered for limited colour space. Full range is more apparent in apps and games.

    Set it to whatever your black level is set to on your projector/tv (black level high/low)

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