Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9' started by hausmeister, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. hausmeister

    hausmeister New Member


    if I look at the older YouTube video 'ZIDOO X9 UI demo' I can see at ~5:50 basic PVR functionality...

    But I'm looking for
    1. PiP (Picture in Picture)
    2. using the HDMI IN as an input at KODI/XBMC (e.g. as another source at [Video])

    Does this exist?
  2. DragonFly

    DragonFly Member

    I found that PIP is possible........at least it is part of the kernel. It just isn't implemented in the Zidoo UI....yet. Similar devices have this function already working
  3. hausmeister

    hausmeister New Member

    Ok, then it would be interesting to know whether and when they plan to implement it...

    AND I think, because of e.g. audio normalisation or switching between different sources (I mean e.g. file and HDMI-IN), KODI implementation is much more important...

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