HDMI In giving 'restriction' notice all of a sudden

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X10' started by videobruce, May 7, 2021.

  1. videobruce

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    I'm experimenting with the "HDMI In" application and now I'm getting some lame message about not being able to record due to restrictions where I just did a very short test recording a few weeks ago. I see and hear the video in that PIP window. T tried TS and MP4 (which I have a short test recording)

    The source is a DVR w/ a OTA tuner (not CATV), so it's not a 'copyright' issue since it is Over The Air (allowed in the US).

    The device in line is a 4 port HDMI splitter which I just received. Previously I was using a 2 port splitter (that worked). Is there any possibility that it's this splitter injecting something? The 4 port is for a 2nd small TV to use as a monitor so not to 'tie up' the main set.
  2. Netmask

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    Maybe the 4 port splitter is strictly observing the rules, some models do. This unit which I have doesn't enforce the "rules" and lets everything through, many video projectors especially older ones require an unencumbered splitter https://beyonwiz.com.au/product/hdmi-splitter/ Take a look on eBay etc and avoid the "name" brands....
  3. videobruce

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    Probably correct, it's just a lame message. I've tried another 4 port and it worked ok.

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