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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by rospy, Mar 14, 2019.

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    I purchased an x9s with firmware 2.1. Contrary to previous firmware HDMI IN does not present the option to modify the frame rate and in my case all recording are made at 50 FPS. This force me to use avidemux to reduce the framerate to a more tolerable 25/30 FPS at the expenses of hours of pc conversion. Does anybody knows if the more recent firmware version, AKA 2.1.22, has reinstated the option to modify the recording framerate? Thanks.
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    Sorry to bump this old thread, but I have a similar problem to the OP.

    I bought this X9S a few years ago, used it only for media playback, but upgraded to the Z9S last year, so the X9S has been "semi-retired".

    But recently I wanted to use the HDMI IN recording function of the X9S, to record 1080i (it's the max resolution) content from my Freesat satellite box. I've got a working HDMI Splitter which manages to bypass the HDCP, so the X9S records fine, but it requires the Display - HDMI Mode in the Settings to set to 50hz or 60hz, or else the video preview in the HDMI IN app stutters, and also all the recordings stutters. (Don't know why this happens?)

    The X9S is on firmware version v1.4.12, so the HDMI IN app very annoyingly have no setting for frame rate, so the app auto records at 50 fps, which is really strange because when I click Start Record, the Recording Information clearly says Resolution: 1080p, FrameRate: 25, so that should be the resolution and frame rate it should record at right?

    Set to 50fps coupled with the fact I set the bit rate to 10M (was hoping for the best bitrate quality), the recording file sizes are really big, an hour of recording comes out at between 8 to 9GBs! Which I think is overkill for 1080i 25hz source material. For my SkyHD box (max res of 1080i 25fps) I usually record at 4-5GBs per hour and really quite happy with the quality, I think the X9S recording are so big is because of the 50 fps, recording at 25 fps (matching the source) would be much more reasonable.

    So the question really a bit like the OP's, do the later firmwares let you set the frame rate of the HDMI recording? or does it always set to 50 fps only? is there any way to make the recoding match the source material?

    thanks for any help.

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