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Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1295)' started by JoaoC, Feb 8, 2021.

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    I am trying to create an app to (simplifying) access the HDMI input video signal (with and without HDCP), insert it into an Android view and show it on the screen.

    I already checked some of the available posts and code but I still have some doubts. (disclaimer!! I have never tried to do something like this). Maybe someone can help me with these doubts:

    #1 - How can I get the needed realtek packages? From what I see, classes like RtkHDMI*, RtkAout*, HDMIRx* etc all belong to the package "com.realtek.hardware" . Is there any place I can download it so I can use it in my project in Android Studio?

    #2 - The only way I found to have access to those classes was to reverse engineer some JARs. It seems the code is not documented. Is there any kind of documentation so one can easily understand were to go or the only option is to look at the code?

    #3 - I have also noticed that there are some native libraries being loaded:
    static {
    static {
    I suppose these are dynamic libraries (.so files) from Realtek. Is this correct? How can I get those? Are they suppose to be included "by default" in the box firmware?

    Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
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    Ok... so it is explained why it is so hard to find something about...

    I was there before making the first post, my doubts remain the same.

    From that github code I know that inside the hdmi_classes_7.1_v1.jar file one can find the classes that I previously mentioned, but that is all.

    (from the first post)
    #1 - Are the classes inside the hdmi_classes_7.1_v1.jar file the all that I need to interact with the native/dynamic libraries?
    #2 - cannot find any documentation or commented code. So, the only way is to read the classes code, the example code and try to understand it?
    #3 - still don't know how to get those...
  4. McBluna

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    The native libraries are part of the firmware. I can extract them for you tomorrow. What model do you've?
  5. JoaoC

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    Zidoo x9s and some other boxes (not zidoo) with the same chipset.
    If you could do that it would be great. Thanks.

    Assuming that those libraries can be used in any box with that same chipset, I am trying to create an app which I can then try in different boxes (with that same chipset - rtd1295).
    Although, some time ago, I came across some code from Zidoo where there was some kind of validation to see if the box was from Zidoo, but I guess that should be some specific situation (not sure if if was a firmware or maybe some app with special needs).
    By having those libraries, I would guarantee that I always have the same lib/version.

    After, I pretend to do some kind of benchmark to see which one delivers better results since I will need to buy some more.

    Does this makes sense or am I missing something?

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    I was just going to start a thread on this HDMI input problem. I read when these came out 5+ years ago there was a "HDMI IN" application included. It even have a shortcut on the home screen.

    What happened to it, I don't recall that it was ever present on the unit I have unless it got deleted/removed doing a F/W update? :rolleyes:
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    Is there somewhere that has a detailed procedure (not a 1 line script) so one can access the HDMI input function so that whatever 'input' signal is being feed into these would show full screen on the Zidoo (X9 or X10)??

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