HDMI 2.1 on the Z9X

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  1. Reza-D

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    Hi all
    Given that the Z9X supports 4K 60Hz, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, 12Bit, BT2020, and YCbCr 4:4:4 color space, why not use HDMI 2.1?
    Is HDMI 2.0 capable of transferring this amount of data?
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  2. DaMacFunkin

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    2.1 theoretically supports 8k at high frame rate along with e-arc, variable refresh rate etc.
    Zidoo doesn’t have these features.
  3. Reza-D

    Reza-D New Member

    Consider these two tables:

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  4. DaMacFunkin

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    Hi, in relation to the first graphic technically that is true, but Dolby Vision Dynamic meta data can actually be sent by HDMI 1.4 due to the special magic that Dolby use, HDR10+ also has been ‘shoe horned’ into the HDMI 2.0a spec - read this review:
    As for the second, what is the question?
    It shows 4K at 60fps to be supported at up to 4:2:2 Chroma, as all UHD blu-ray only has 4:2:0 Chroma on the disk, and most 4K broadcast are only 4:2:0, the only reason you would need 4:4:4 is for High Level Gaming.
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  5. Reza-D

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    In that case, wouldn't HDMI 2.0 be a problem for games?
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