Has H6 Pro Ended It's Run?

Discussion in 'ZIDOO H6 Pro' started by jjjackson, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. jjjackson

    jjjackson Member

    I noticed every site I went to, including Amazon and others, no longer sell the H6 Pro. Has it been fazed out?
  2. Nasty

    Nasty New Member

    The non reply probably speaks for itself.

    It was good while it lasted.....no wait
  3. rread13

    rread13 New Member

    There are plenty on Ebay! There still hope that they are working on another firmware update above 1.0.36
  4. Mike Kay

    Mike Kay Member

    even if the device has been deprecated the fact that it has never worked properly means to me as far as i am concerned i was ripped off.
    IF it is never fixed the simple fact is zidoo wont be getting another penny from me and i shall be reccomending others keep away too. it is a real shame that devices half the price offer a far better experience than this.

    i feel utterly ripped off with it to be honest.
  5. reapur

    reapur Member

    Mike Minix has always worked better for me. I'm in the market for another one, can you share your other options please?
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  6. Mike Kay

    Mike Kay Member

    i was about to say the same thing..... if i was buying now i think i would really push the boat out and go for a minix neo u9-h or just get an nvidia shield (expecting that to be around £100-120 on black friday)

    on the cheaper end, honestly, on paper it is weaker but i think i would rather have a MXQ Pro than my H6 pro!.
  7. rorocorti

    rorocorti New Member

    I asked the question to Amazon customer service as I shipped back my Zidoo this morning (after several months...). I appears there are a lot of complaints about firmware & Google Play + services not working so they accepted the return.
  8. rread13

    rread13 New Member

    I bought a Nvidia Shield pre-Holiday Sale that had the Shield, Remote and n Amazon Alexa Dot 3rd Gen for $139. A deal I could not pass up! The Zidoo H6-Pro is officially retired to its packaging, I still like my H6 for a few features like the Media Player and Samba ( I did get that to work) but the Shield is in another league way above the rest!
  9. jjjackson

    jjjackson Member

    A friend of mine was bugging me about buying an H6 for himself. I finally talked him into buying an Nvidia Shield instead. If they would take better care of the H6, I'd have told him to buy one. For me, most of the problems are no big deal, because I'm a techie, but I'd never have one of my friends who isn't a techie, get an H6.

    It's as simple as doing the support and getting sales or losing money with no sales.

    Up to Zidoo.
  10. jjjackson

    jjjackson Member

    In an earlier post I suggested my friend buy a Nvidia Shield. When he got it he asked me to set it up for him. I have to say if Zidoo would fix the firmware problem, I'd rather have my H6. I don't play games, just watch movies and TV. The Shield is a great box, but it's not for non techies. Personally I still like the picture and sound on my H6 better, not to mention it's almost half the price.

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