H6 PRO ALL-ROUND MONSTER-Lucky Draw Activity-10 Free Giveaway And More...

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  1. zidoo_cj

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    Zidoo brand new H6 Pro all-round master, the best comprehensive TV Box ever, supports 4K/ HDR outputs, and smartcolor 3.0 image optimization engines, aluminum enclosure and we believe you will like it. Now you have a chance to draw an H6 Pro for free, come and participant in.
    Here is the link to this event:


    *Do not delete the post during the activity period;otherwise,your draw will be invalid.
    *The prize-winner list will be published on our official website,and we will also contact winner via email.
    *The right to interpret this activit is owned by zidoo.
    *You can apply the code when you place an order on amazon.And for the H6 PRO winner,please share your comments or feelings on facebook page.

    10 Free Giveaway, worth $99 each


    Learn more about H6 PRO
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  2. Leoben

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    The link is wrong: https://m.facebook.com/zidootv/app/276402839090544/


    Zidoo X6 Pro box is about two years old, I want to win but I'm not lucky in such games.


    Promising specification: http://www.allwinnertech.com/index.php?c=product&a=index&id=66

    Could not find information about Hi10P support. https://www.koi-sama.net/files/hi10/
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  3. zidoo_cj

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  4. HaoSs

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    congrats to the winners
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  5. Guy Goyette

    Guy Goyette New Member

    Hello; i have won a coupon for X8 but the coupon code is not working in Amazon store (.ca)...
  6. 鱼结冻

    鱼结冻 New Member

    国内 活动吗?期待啊啊!!!
  7. kokobsb

    kokobsb New Member

    received my h6pro today wow sorry zidoo what a Mess!!!! this box is, I understand is an initial release but it wont play any 4k movies when hdmi is set to 4k 60hz it displays blue screen then freezes when hdmi is 4k 30 hz it will play .when it plays (by luck) the smurfs 2 the uhd complete one, audio doesn't start with video, in any hd audio the audio doesn't start with the video need to pause then press play .other than that multiple frame skips in any resolution.hdr is a big big mess doesn't select bluray standard ycbr 420 10 bit it says cant change .so it is locked on ycbr 444 : 8 bit .for the audio there is a problem with pass-through for sure. so yeah I hope some other people who received their boxes can confirm .if you have any questions don't be shy. Sorry I cant comment in the forum no h6pro sub forum yet.
  8. Virk

    Virk New Member

    I am in the same situation. There is link to Amazon in the US but I am based in Europe. Where this coupon can be used???
  9. fiandy

    fiandy New Member

    Good day! similarly, I live in Russia, but to order this box using a coupon won't...
  10. Virk

    Virk New Member

    Happy to see I am not alone but WTF this whole story is? Can Zidoo provide some explanation, please?
  11. Jaime pimentek

    Jaime pimentek New Member

  12. Jaime pimentek

    Jaime pimentek New Member

    I know iam number 2
  13. Jaime pimentek

    Jaime pimentek New Member

    I know that iam number 2 on the list
  14. jason6916

    jason6916 New Member

    i saw some reviews today and they said the H6 Pro isn't rooted. Do you think zidoo will provide root? i'd like root to use the sixaxis app from google play to allow me to use a dualshock 3 controller. i prefer to use it for retro gaming with emulators on the box.

    also, do you know if this box will allow updates by TF card in case i need to update firmware manually, (original firmware at some point)? i don't have a pc computer

    thanks. not sure if this is place to post these questions. there doesn't seem to be any specific H6 Pro section
  15. Virk

    Virk New Member

    How did you get to know this? Besides, it seems that even if you won you may not get your trophy since it is not clear how they provide it.
  16. fiandy

    fiandy New Member

    Hello, Zidoo!

    Help get my winnings amazon refuses to send to Russia please give coupons for shopping on aliexpress or gearbes

    I wrote in a reply with a coupon, but no answer...

    Thank You
  17. fiandy

    fiandy New Member

    Good day!
    I understand zidoo decided not to pay attention to users who won coupons and being there where amazon doesn't deliver

    I needed another console from zidoo had to order x8 no discount from zidoo ((( this approach is very upset
  18. videobruce

    videobruce Member

    Why is this dated scam a sticky????????
  19. Zigourney

    Zigourney Active Member

    Can I have a free H6 Pro?

  20. Samuel072

    Samuel072 New Member

    Thank you for sharing, I'm really considering myself lucky this time:)

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