Confirmed Green Screen when playing 4K content

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by Emmanuel81, Jan 30, 2020.

  1. Emmanuel81

    Emmanuel81 Member

    This issue started with FW 2.1.30, but after upgrading to 2.1.36 the same thing happened again. It works fine with FW 2.1.28 and below, but I'm hoping this issue is fixed soon so I can enjoy the new firmware features.
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  2. Sweetdragon

    Sweetdragon New Member

    for me it's only with 7.1 files
  3. Emmanuel81

    Emmanuel81 Member

    Correction, some 4K movies will not play not all, but the point I'm trying to make is the EXACT SAME file will play on the older Firmware 2.1.28.
  4. olisun

    olisun Member

    Disable screen refresh option in the settings and it should fix the green screen issue.

    I had the same issue with a lot of mkv files and I deleted them all thinking that they were corrupt.
  5. MLJiadi

    MLJiadi New Member

    While x9s having problem to play some of the 2160p files(green or black screen), the same files have no problem to be played by a cheapo player of mine!
    It must be something to do with the switching of resolution, why is this not able to solve?
  6. olisun

    olisun Member

    When you disable the screen refresh (under Automatic frame rate -> Switch frame rate only) then they work fine.
  7. MLJiadi

    MLJiadi New Member

    It's the same, after switching off and on the unit several times, it might be able to play, or it might not. I give up.
  8. could you solve it?
  9. Emmanuel81

    Emmanuel81 Member

    Sólo tienes que actualizar al último firmware. Así es como solucioné mi problema.

    Espero que esto ayude.
  10. yo tengo conectado el ziddo a una barra y televisión LG. Al momento de sincronizar los HZ y la resolución tengo una pantalla verde. No sé cómo solucionarlo :(
  11. blasiusx

    blasiusx Member

    All Firmwares above 2.1.28 are "Crap" in my Opinion.

    I think Zidoo only halfheartedly worked on new firmwares for the older RTD1295 models years ago. I reported a number of bugs to Zidoo support 2 years ago, and multiple times. These bugs only appeared with firmware versions after 2.1.28. Unfortunately, none of these have been fixed.

    Since I'm satisfied with the Zidoo X9S/X8 with firmware 2.1.28 and everything works for me, I'll stick with it until the devices breaks down.

    I still had hope with firmware 2.1.45, but there is another error: chapters are no longer recognized in mkv files.

    Useless for me. Stay with FW 2.1.28.

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