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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by Goujam, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. Goujam

    Goujam Member

    I've mostly stayed quite but im noticing all the talk about 3d frame packing. To me I'd like to see some improvements on the basics that all media players should be fine with.

    To me a 2d image with proper 23.976 playback and bitstreamed HD audio would be a good start. Can we get assurance that with all the work on 3d frame packing your not forgetting the basics and we will see some improvements in future updates.
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  2. Rew452

    Rew452 Member Beta test group

    I totally agree. Lets get the basics working right and them 3d. Things like:

    Power Standby mode
    Bitstreaming audio sync
    Proper refresh rates

    Some of these could impact getting 3d modes working properly
  3. Zahir Jamal

    Zahir Jamal New Member

    Couldn't agree more. 3Done this Done That, Utmost DDT audio and all those other refinements look esoteric when the basics need to be solidified - including the promised HDMI-CEC...
  4. jvanhambelgium

    jvanhambelgium Member Beta test group

    Indeed! Also some 2D basics to fix too : regular DVD ISO image audio/video sync and choppy audio..DD or DTS passthrough, doesn't matter.
    I never tried the new beta-image, so choppy audio might be solved here.
    It would be great to get feedback from the DEV-team what the current confirmed buglist is and what they are working and how they will be releasing beta's (bi-weekly,monthly)
  5. asshenoy

    asshenoy New Member

    Totally agree, been following lot of hulla about 3D .
    Mirror, Priority in next firmware upgrade should be towards getting the basics covered properly and should be solidified thoroughly.
    I find the wifi reception on the device is pathetic and badly needs improvement.
    since the device has no power button, option of power standby would be ideal.
    please work towards making this device great and suggest one step at a time approach would be better

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