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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X8' started by pepeburro, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. pepeburro

    pepeburro New Member

    Hi. Can someone recommend me a gamepad for Zidoo x8?
    Thank you
  2. pepeburro

    pepeburro New Member

    I have already bought two gamepad for my zidoo x8 and none of them work for me.
    Please, suggest me one!
    Is there no gamepad compatible with this device?
  3. Cutie

    Cutie New Member

  4. pepeburro

    pepeburro New Member

  5. TroubleGum

    TroubleGum New Member

    For gameplay Im using bluetooth Xiaomi Mi gamepad and its perfect for Zidoo...but problem is not in Zidoo or gamepads, because probably each BT gamepad will do same good job, problem is in totally poor support of gamepads in 99% games you can find on Google store. Developers dont care there are devices like TV boxes on the market and most games are created for touch screens and not for usage of gamepads... Absolutely best game which is supporting fully customizable layout of buttons is Unkilled, also Im playing War Wings although first configuration of gamepad is there really frustrating. So my conclusion is any BT gamepad is good, but you can really enjoy only a few games with it.

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