Frequently stuck at boot after installation new Firmware

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X8' started by agmarco, May 16, 2017.

  1. agmarco

    agmarco Member

    Hi guys,

    I think I didn't see anyone else but since I installed 1.4.4 the X8 frequently doesn't boot anymore. Led is blue but nothing at screen. Poweroff button doesn't react. Only pulling the powercord gets it booting again. And that works everytime. Any advise? Thanks!
  2. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    Reflash using .img
  3. agmarco

    agmarco Member

    I did a re-installed of the firmware zip. Have to find out how to reflash from IMG. I am not sure yet if it was the issue but I changed my power off button from directly back to ask. Last two boots I had no issue.
  4. benikenobi

    benikenobi New Member


    After the installation of the latest firmware, the device cannot startup ok from the "standby" mode, the power button is blue but no signal is emitted to the TV by the HDMI.

    Did you re-install the 1.4.4 firmware and changed the power off button and the problems goes away?

  5. agmarco

    agmarco Member

    I did a re-Install and changed the power off switch. So far so good. No getting stuck anymore. Strange issue.
  6. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    standby mode is bugged, switching to power off should fix for now, The start is fast enough that i don't think you will miss standby

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