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    I have been asking this for months. And even with the new update, it still hasn't been fixed.

    - go to Settings>Other>Front Panel Display>Brightness Setting
    - select "Close" (lol - I've said months ago this should be labeled OFF, not "Close")
    - turn off unit
    - turn back on

    See how the front display is on again?? Yeah, it should stay off, like I set it! It remembers "Dark" and "Light" but not "Close".


    Every time I boot my Zidoo I have to do the same thing to turn off the front display.

    Has it ever occurred to Zidoo that some people don't want the distraction of the front display while watching a movie? The Zidoo is right under my panel and I want to keep the front display off.

    ** I also suggested months ago that they could have a simple option in there for "AUTO" - leave the front display on when not playing video, but when playing a video, the front display turns off automatically.

    How hard is it to do this?

    Seriously - this is very annoying.


    At least make a shortcut function so that a single remote button press cycles the front display from Light-Dark-Off, so I don't have to go through menus every time I turn the player on.

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