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Firmware v1.0.25 for Zidoo H6pro

Discussion in 'H6 Pro Official Firmware Releases' started by freeroc, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. Codruț

    Codruț New Member

    Yes, I would definitely recommend the update, only for internal media player alone, and of course YouTube app and Netflix 1080 who has better color than my new 4k 55 inch LG smart TV.
    Yes, UI aka user interface sometime force closed, but very rare and only when I use multiple app like downloading torrent and watching YouTube.
    But internal media player has improved great, absolutely any video, 1080 or 4 k hevc 10 bit her will play without stuttering or lag, but only from good HDD USB 3 or over Ethernet gigabit capable of 400 MBs sustained. It work with 100 MBs Ethernet speed, but not with high bitrate 60 ffp hevc h265 4k media. It work with sdcard either, but not 4k high bitrate. Internal storage, good USB 3 HDD or very fast gigabit LAN connection with gigabit router are the only option for high bitrate 4k h265 60 fps or 4k h264 30 fps. So, it's much better than previous firmware for internal media player (no lag), for download speeds, for YouTube app witch will play faster and stream correctly 1440 p videos, and Netflix app witch will do 1080 after few seconds of watching, depends on your router and net speed.
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  2. Codruț

    Codruț New Member

    Oh, I forget to tell you about Kodi. Kodi still work correctly only with 1080 media.With 4k, same old same old. Stuttering, choppy and lag no matter of witch version of Kodi or witch setting are you using.Sorry for my English, I am from Roumania.
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  3. andyt1000

    andyt1000 New Member

    Well,just to say updated today and it has sorted out all the problems I had with stuttering.Tested with 1080p and 2160p mkv files and all run with no stutter at all.Thank God.
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  4. mjf1985

    mjf1985 New Member

    Thank you very much Codrut and andyt1000! Very good news and Your comments are very much appreciated! My next question is: I have got v.1.0.20 and I was wondering if I could just update from there? Or do I need to make a reset before update?
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  5. andyt1000

    andyt1000 New Member

    I just d
    I just downloaded the link,then put it straight onto USB stick and stuck it in the Zidoo and it does everything itsself.
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  6. Cocolopez

    Cocolopez New Member

    Any news for a new FW?
  7. Patrick Park

    Patrick Park New Member

    PLEASE let me know when new firmware will come.....Any forecast date is fine so that we don't visit here everyday.
    Last edited: May 9, 2018
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