External hard drives don't shut down

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X10' started by cl7gr, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. cl7gr

    cl7gr New Member

    Hi, i am using a zidoo X10. I have 3 external drives connected to its usb ports (2 seagate back up plus hub 8tb and an Intenso memory center 4tb). My problem is that after i power off zidoo, after 2 seconds the disks turn back on...
  2. Miguel Ramos

    Miguel Ramos Member

    I have a different problem, which is when I turn on the X10 it doesn't recognize the external HDD connect to the USB 3.0. I have to turn off the disc and on again for Zidoo to recognize it again.
  3. cl7gr

    cl7gr New Member

    I used to have this problem too. It was solved after a previous update.
  4. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    I had that problem with external Seagate 8TB waking up after Zidoo power off or sleep mode.

    Zidoo has something cross wired between ports ;)
    Try this: Once you shut off the Zidoo and Seagate wakes up just unplug HDMI cable. Seagate stops ??? ;)

    I discovered by coincident during firmware update that leaving additional USB thumb drive in the next port cancels waking up of my Seagate. I don't know how this applies to your case. You pointed out that you have 3 external drives. I have Zidoo X9S. I can tell you what I have plugged in and it works for me. All ports are occupied except for SATA connector. I have Seagete back up plus 8TB on USB 3.0. Next port USB 2.0 has wireless dongle for additional keyboard. The last port has 16GB USB thumb drive. I also have 16GB Micro SD card in the small slot for back ups and artwork. Nothing on SATA port. Seagate sleeps every time with Zidoo power off or sleep mode, no wakey wakey after 2 seconds ;)

    You can also go one step further. Seagate factory default setting don't allow the drive to stop spinning in idle mode. Use Seagate Dashboard program to enable and adjust idle time before spin down. This is not a substitute for first solution. With this second solution only spin down timer the drive stops with Zidoo going down and restarts 2 second after. 10 minutes later when the timer kicks in it spins down again.
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  5. cl7gr

    cl7gr New Member

    Thank you very much for your answer! Everything is as you describe. I will try your solutions when I go home!
  6. videobruce

    videobruce Member

    It almost sounds a one of the devices is causing the wake up. have you tried removing any of the devices to see if that matters?
  7. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    Yea I tried that. Pulling out HDMI cable on powered off Zidoo and TV instantly stops Seagate drive ;)

    I can only make it work when all ports are occupied.

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