Eversolo Z6 win11 no 32-bit connection.

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  1. Ejaaz

    Ejaaz New Member

    Hi ,
    I recently bought this great sounding dac ( eversolo Z6) and when i connect it to mine pc it recognise it but it is cap on usb to 24 bit 384khz.
    I'm also win 11 version 22h2 , mine other dacs doesn't have that problem.
    Tried it on other pc's as laptop still the same.
    Firmware update already done.
    Its like it capped it self.

    The problem was from beginning even before the update.
    After the new update still there.
    Did some more test on USB-C and result is that is the same.
    For me , the problem is that the usb module is faulty.
    MQA works fine same on the bluetooth .

    @mirror Please help me .
    Edit 2:
    Meanwhile a worker from zidoo contact me for fixing the problem but i have the 32 bit already.
    Only its capped on 192khz on all settings now.
    But hey i got already 32bit.

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  2. Dima_Anapa

    Dima_Anapa New Member

  3. Dima_Anapa

    Dima_Anapa New Member

    Здравствуйте такая же беда как выше в форуме, не определяется как 32бит

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  4. Dima_Anapa

    Dima_Anapa New Member

    Напишите что делать
  5. Nutul

    Nutul Active Member

    Пробвал ли си да пускаш един 32bit/384kHz файл от компщтърът ти? Аз имам Z8, и разпознава всичко, oт 16, 24 и 32 бита, от 44.1 до 768 kHz, DSD512 и MQA (поне до 96kHz, повече нямам...)
    НО, ако това е oversampling не знам за какво се притеснявате, от момента че не може да се изгенерира повече информация от колкото има... обикновено, от 24 към 32 бита, единственото нещо което DAC-овете правят, е padding s 8-bit, т.е. нищо.

    Ако е нещо друго, моля, игнорирайте моят отговор; ще се опитам да се науча повече от тук натам.

    Опа, забравих: за WIN трябва driver-а... това може да прави разлика... аз съм в Linux, и нямам такъв проблем.

    Поздрави, Ал.

    Have you tried playing a 32bit / 384kHz file from your computer? I own a Z8, and it recognizes everything, from 16, 24 and 32bit, from 44.1 to 768kHz, DSD512 and MQA (at least up to 96kHz, haven got any bigger...)
    BUT, if this is oversampling I don't know what you are struggling for, from the moment you cannot generate more information than already available... usually, from 24 to 32 bit, what DACs do is a mere 8-bit padding, that is: nothing.

    If it is something else, please do ignore my comment; I'll try to learn more from now on.

    Ops, forgot: for WIN you need the driver... this can make a difference... I am under Linux, and haven't such an issue.

    Cheers, Al.
  6. Dima_Anapa

    Dima_Anapa New Member

    В самом компьютере нет возможности выбора 32bit, максимум 24/192
  7. Dima_Anapa

    Dima_Anapa New Member

    Просто не могу понять в чем дело, брак или нет, уже виндовс 10 поставил не помогло
  8. Dima_Anapa

    Dima_Anapa New Member

    Как он у вас определяется?

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  9. Dima_Anapa

    Dima_Anapa New Member

    Можете пожалуйста посмотреть, может тут кто с разработчиков есть, помогите разобраться пожалуйста
  10. Nutul

    Nutul Active Member

    Сигурно някои от EverSolo Tech-dept гледат форума, както в оригиналния пост пише, че с по,ощ от EverSolo поне сега той има 32-bit (но още не по висока чистота от 192 kHz... не е всичко, но поне нещо)
    Ако пишеш на амглийски, и адресираш оригиналния постер (ejaaz) може би той ще ти каже какво са направили, и/или по коя посока са тръгнали за да оправят нещата.

    Аз нямам Windows, но параметрите на Z8 които виждам са следвашите: S16_LE, S32_LE, SPECIAL, DSD_U32_BE
    Не знам какво може да е SPECIAL - предполагам да е MQA...
  11. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Can anybody show me a DAC really doing 32-bit? SABRE DAC designs mostly bundle 4 or even 8 channels to average out tolerances on the conversion.
    Getting a near 24-bit conversion is approached that way if one is lucky. Those 32-bit is just commercial talk; nothing real relevant. Using a 32-bit input/transfer obviously is possible using a matching transfer path but if it matters at all?

    You may disagree with me, I don't mind. :p
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  12. Nutul

    Nutul Active Member

    Hi, I do agree with you.

    Although is not talk, it is just the "best path" for data transfer purposes. Problem being, here, IMO, the fact that Windows appears to not recognize the device as 32-bit capable... (that is, able to directly receive and play a 32-bit audio stream).

    As you can see from my data-string above, my Linux box (a Raspberry Pi 4 running moOde) recognizes the Z8 as a device (for Linux, as for Mac, the Z8 does not require any driver) capable of doing native 16 AND/OR 32 bit. Not 24, for instance; this means that if I want to send a 24/192 stream to it, MPD and/or ALSA onboard the Pi will convert (well, just PAD it) the stream to 32bit for ease of transfer sake, prior to send it over to the Z8.

    Apart from this I cannot see any issue, if not Windows not properly recognizing the DAC (driver compatibility?!?)
  13. ammar11

    ammar11 Active Member

    English please, this forum is visited by people around the planet. It’s annoying to put into google translate every time. English is not my native language either but we have pick one language everybody understands.
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  14. Dima_Anapa

    Dima_Anapa New Member

    Guys, please excuse me for perseverance, but I just need to make sure that the problem is not in the DAC, I bought it two days ago and I have two weeks to return in case of marriage, so I want to understand this trouble in Windows or in the device, I would appreciate your help, thank you in advance!
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  15. Nutul

    Nutul Active Member

    Still, I think we don't know what the exact problem is.
    What is that list, Windows device-type list?

    As said by @Nice Monkey 32-bit is kind of marketing-talk... what is that you want to do / be sure of?

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