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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by piggy99, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. piggy99

    piggy99 New Member

    Can you give us a hint on when this will be available?
  2. couto27

    couto27 Member Beta test group

    I have ordered one Zidoo X6 box today.
    The main reason I've bought this box, was because i found good feedback about the Zidoo Tech Team, i hope you guys to be excellent coders and provide solutions to resolve all the bugs.
    Looking forward to get my hands on the X6 pro... if you have any restrict sub-forum for beta testing firmware fell free to add me in.

    1- Im also curious, any orders shipping before 30th of september ?
  3. spring

    spring Guest

    thanks for trusting our products,we will try our best to pursue a better experience.
    If we release the firmware,we will inform you first time.
    we will try our best to guarantee shipping before 30th of september.
  4. couto27

    couto27 Member Beta test group

    Thanks for the update.
    I notice Zidoo Tech team are in CST timezone, and thats +7 hours than GMT (europe)
  5. asshenoy

    asshenoy New Member

    Hi, guys,
    new to zidoo forum, read a vee bit about X6 pro and would love to hear more from zidoo tech team the difference between other RK 3368 boxes and X6 pro.
    Also would Zidoo tech team release more firmware updates and would back it up for at least 2years so that people who buy these stuff are at least future assured of updates for those years ..
    unlike many Chinese co's who abandon their products within 6 month's of release..
  6. couto27

    couto27 Member Beta test group

    Complety agree with you @asshenoy
    I bought a Mede8er Med1000X3D (Realtek 1186) in 2012 and after 3 years they still update their firmware to support their media player.
    The Oppo also update their blu-rays players after 4 or 5 years, and this are the example of terrific companies that built strong reputation and positive feedback in this market, When they release a new product, i don't have any doubts in purchase a second, third or fourth time their new products.

    I expect that Zidoo put their actions and updates where their mouth and marketing are at the moment... :)
  7. spring

    spring Guest

    thanks,we will.
  8. makeys

    makeys New Member

    What are the differences between the X6 Pro and the X9?
  9. funkybudda

    funkybudda New Member

    Sorry to tell you, the 3D is not working properly and there are bugs. Some good features listed and promoted are not working properly. I think this company and their tech team is bad for business. I wish I can cancel my order, but it's too late.
  10. couto27

    couto27 Member Beta test group

    Don't worry @funkybunda I've being following Kodi forum.
    There are no perfect boxes out there, well i have two media player 99.9% perfect, its the mede8er 1000X3D and the Oppo 103D, thanks to their software/firmware and the team that develop it.

    I jump to android just for curiosity and some free time, and im patient enough to see new firmwares coming and so far the Zidoo team promised one firmware a month..
    On the user side point correctly the bugs and feedback about news firmware is also very important, so the team can understand what need to be fix..

    Lets not forget their native language is not english, neither some of users that are buying this box.
  11. funkybudda

    funkybudda New Member

    I own 600X3D for 2 years and that is the best media box. I was curious about a Kodi box, and when I saw Zidoo I decided to take a chance.

    Regardless what language they speak, it doesnt matter when it comes to business practice. You DONT SELL products with features that are NOT working at release. Would you buy a car that the engine cant be turned on? I doubt it.
  12. couto27

    couto27 Member Beta test group

    Im following this niche market for a few years now... since you have one Mede8er, let me remind you, Mede8er launch the player in August 2012, in September 2012 i got mine, and only in december 2012 the final firmware was released.... 20 firmwares was launched from august 2012 up to december 2012 to pass the beta stage...

    See for yourself and check the bugs they have at beginning...,128.160.html

    One thing is for sure, X6 PRO firmware is on beta stage, the ball now is in coders side, if they show progress.... the actual customers will stay.
    But since only a small amount of customer have the X6 PRO player, the next batch of players it will arrive with improved firmware..thats how this niche market works..
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  13. Rew452

    Rew452 Member Beta test group

    Ordered mine on Sept 18th, finally shipped on Oct 6th according to tracking and I will have it tomorrow Oct 9th! Ya!
    On the very day they expect to release the new updated firmware. Have high hopes for this box.


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