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Discussion in 'Development' started by Matt Medor, Oct 24, 2015.

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    While I like the HDMI IN PVR functionality, I would really like something different using the HDMI IN port.

    HDMI IN Enhanced Functionality: HDMI IN PIP, POP, and Overlay

    HDMI IN PIP (Picture-In-Picture - video-in appears in small secondary window)
    HDMI IN POP (Picture-Outside-Picture - video-in appears side-by-side with android display/apps etc.)
    HDMI Pass-thru with overlay (apps that appear over the video-in feed or the 'pass-thru video feed')

    Scenario: Connect satellite receiver to HDMI-IN on Zidoo A9 and Zidoo A9 HDMI-OUT to TV.

    The ability to watch a satellite/cable channel and also see pop-up windows of TXT messages from my mobile phone, email messages, the front door IP camera once it detects motion, the Z-Wave sensor once it detects a water leak, the power consumption app, etc. all on my main TV would be fantastic. An app that could be configured to display caller-ID information within a pop-up overlay connected via a WIFI network to an app on a mobile phone.

    I am not saying to equip the Zidoo box with Z-Wave, Zigbee, Insteon or any other home automation wireless frequency. I would like the android set top box to merge all my viewing needs on one screen without switching inputs on the TV and be alerted to important matters when appropriate. The Zidoo A9 has the potential to turn my main TV into the main console that can be used with an Android home automation / security app while "watching" TV.

    I have encountered two companies that are developing an HDMI overlay hardware (with software) solutions with similar goals: home automation and augmented viewer experience. See


    InAir Smart HDMI adapter overlays the web atop television content with a custom user interface

    "In a recent report, market research firm Transparency Market Research predicts that the overall global market for home automation systems will reach US$21.67 billion in 2020,from approximately US$5.3 billion in 2014."

    I have been looking for a HDMI 'overlay' solution that can turn my TV into a social networking hub and home automation & surveillance central console. Having it integrated with a full blown Android TV box would be an awesome solution.

    Thx. Take care.
  2. Jean-Philippe

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    Hi Matt,
    That's a great idea !

    Did you find suitable products to enhance TV ?
    It seems hdmi in passthrought is a must have but to do clean overlay an Android TV app must be developped ?
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    I'd like the HDMI IN to be transformed into a second HDMI OUT to only output the audio like some bluray players do.
    Would be great for old AV receiver owners.

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