DVD/BD menu operation still "mediocre"!?

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    Hi there,
    coming from a X9s I received my Z9s yesterday and found that BD menu functionality seems to be improved a bit, means some BD ISOs I tested show a menu now with the Zidoo player (native as also Nuplayer) - but unluckily it still doesn´t work correctly. I can select different options in the menus and also see the chapter selection pages but when I select a chapter the disc always starts from the beginning. Same happens with simple chapter selection from the Zidoo menu or when pressing the up/down arrows. The playback simply always restarts from the beginning, also when navigating in the timeline.
    Same happened with my X9s but with some identical ISOs there the menus never were displayed, so I see even a slight improvement with the Z9s.

    The same ISO/BD menu works (with some delay) from ZDMC when using the Kodi player (not with external player), also skipping chapters is working. This could have been a workaround for me for some music BDs since I really want chapter skip there, but, where the X9s played these music BD ISOs without any flaws the newer and faster and better Z9s shows stuttering very often even where CPU load is "only" at about 60-65%.
    Could this be improved? Why is Kodi working correct with all my tested BD menus and the Zidoo player not?
    Not to be understood wrong, also both X9s/Z9s players work with many BD menus correctly, but unluckily there are many ISOs that don´t work(-correctly).

    Beside that Z9s is a nice player to me, also "seems" to give me better sound quality in LPCM 2ch for some reason.
    I had expected something more/better from the "HDR EQ" since from my view UHD HDR BD ISOs are mostly played to dark in most cases where my Sony ZD9 can output ~1800nits and gives really nice and bright playback from conventional REC709 stuff.

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