DTS Not Played - Eagles Hell Freezes Over (Now Alan Parsons 'On Air')

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  1. Peacestv

    Peacestv New Member

    I have the dvd of the Eagles Hell Freezes Over concert. I previously used Zappiti and never had an issue with the surround not reading and working.

    I have the Z9X Pro.
    I am using a Denon 8500H with the audio set to Auto. It currently will accurately read all of my .iso movies with their correct audio output.

    For some reason with the Eagles dvd, even choosing the DTS setting at the beginning of playing the disc, my Denon only sees it as stereo. This is the only disc I have that requires a choice at the beginning of playing.

    The only reason I have this disc is for the surround.

    Any thoughts on what I should look for it this situation?

  2. blenky

    blenky Well-Known Member

    Are you on the latest beta - v1.0.75? Can you switch to DTS by selecting Audio on the remote?
  3. Peacestv

    Peacestv New Member

    I am not on Beta. I am at 1.0.58
    "Switch to DTS on the Remote" ?...
    I did try using the Audio button on the Zidoo remote. It brought up 3 choices. I chose the DTS and that did the trick!
    Will the audio go back to raw when I go to another disc with like Atmos?

    Thank you so much for your help!
  4. Peacestv

    Peacestv New Member

    First... thank you for the quick and great fix!

    You mentioned that you get your media already ripped. I am ripping to .iso from BR discs. Where do you find your post ripped media?

    Second... I have hove videos that I would like to provide posters for but can't seem to get anyone to respond to my posts here... Is the answer that I can't do it with my Z9X or is there a way to make it happen? I have ways to create any format of image files.
  5. blenky

    blenky Well-Known Member

    Yes that's what I meant - using the audio button.

    I strongly suggest you upgrade to latest beta as it fixes a lot of issues. An issue with 1.0.58 is that it wouldn't sent lossless audio when set to to 'Auto' in settings. A workaround is set it to 'Raw'. It was fixed in a later firmware.
  6. blenky

    blenky Well-Known Member

    I can't talk about where I get my rips here - if you know what I mean ;);)

    Using HT4 I don't know of any way to add custom posters.
  7. GeNeRiKz

    GeNeRiKz Member

    Very early DTS DVDs did not properly set the DTS flag in the bitstream and the player/AVR have to be set to DTS manually.

    Eagles was one of them, I had a few more back in the days.

    Note that, if you're a fan of this release, the DTS DVD & LaserDisc were mixed really hot (as in HEAVY bass).
    But the DTS CD has a different, more natural mix.
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  8. Peacestv

    Peacestv New Member

    Thanks for the info!
  9. Peacestv

    Peacestv New Member

    Well, can I migrate this another disc.... but Audio.
    I must have made some change in my process to fix the "Hell Freezes Over" that broke the hearing of the Alan Parsons "On Air" surround disc.

    When I first set up my new Z9X and set my receiver to 'Auto' the On Air cd played as designed with 5.1 surround. Now when I play it, all I get is white noise.

    I have tried pressing the audio button on the Z9X to see if it helped... it does not. I only shows a choice of SACD multi or SACD stereo.

    Any guidance as to what should look for in the settings. (BTW... any 'audio' selection on the remote for the Denon 8500 with the choices it gives, makes no difference)
  10. Peacestv

    Peacestv New Member

    Solved... please close

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