Dolby digital 5.1 is decoded as stereo 2 way (v1.036)

Discussion in 'ZIDOO H6 Pro' started by Igal, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Igal

    Igal New Member

    Hi ,
    Is there any way to watch movie with H6Pro in DDP5.1.x264 mode ?

    normally the H6pro can decode DTS sound in 5.1 mode but not Dolby digital 5.1 !

    Dolby digital 5.1 is decoded as stereo 2 way only with H6pro , I have" cinema tube" tv box that is 8 years old
    and on this one Dolby digital 5.1 is working fine …

  2. Igal

    Igal New Member

    I am using the Zidoo media player .
  3. rread13

    rread13 New Member

    Same thing for me! The expectation was there with the original spec's being touted and bragged about. Then subsequent firmware changes (supposed bug fixes and improvements the web page changes and shows no mention of Dolby Digital or DTS just the 360 immersive sound what ever that is.

    The only 5.1 playback I've experienced was using a Kodi build and with all the settings tweaked in the expert mode then checking the audio modes "on" in the deep setting of audio.

    I like the box but for what I paid ($90) I sure expected it would have 5.1 audio abilities on darn near any movie or TV show I wanted to watch. The Netflix thing is a compliance thing, now I fully understand it being so. But how in the world does another Chinese company making a lower grade/spec box some how come in and have the certification (MeCool MS8 Pro L and some others). MeCool put out some kind of Flash Tool for Googles Widevine L1 certification Key Generator. This was a fix for Netflix 1080P/4K and 5.1 audio.

    Why hasn't Zidoo gotten instep with Google and sought certification and gotten some of their Android Media Box's certified? They make great hardware, they need some real help with the firmware is my best guess. The H6 Pro is now getting near 2 years old and still having buggy firmware. Spend some money Zidoo and get some "real software/firmware" writers!

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