Do the Emby/Jellyfin AndroidTV apps work?

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by andy22, May 10, 2022.

  1. andy22

    andy22 Active Member

    Does anyone use the Emby/Jellyfin AndroidTV apps (not Android 9) and how do they work, install?

    1) I did read Emby has support for internal player (VS10), is this true? So no need to set a external player?
    2) What about Jellyfin, can you set the internal VS10 player as external player in the app and does this work well?
  2. Hippoponderous

    Hippoponderous Active Member

    I haven't tried Emby, but the Jellyfin player app does work & the Zidoo's HT player can be used in place of its native player. However, like ZDMC using the external player, watched status, play counts & resume points are not recorded or synced.
    I also tried the Jellyfin addon for ZDMC with the external player, and while this is effective in tracking & syncing playback status, I was having issues with actual media playback. For example, lossy atmos tracks were only detected as plain vanilla DD & the VS10 engine never worked properly.
  3. andy22

    andy22 Active Member

    Just to make 100% sure, you mean the AndroidTV app thats fully useable with a normal remote? The version number should be 0.13.x.
    How did you install the app? Just download and sideload via normal filemanager?

    Ah ok, this could be a issue of stream vs direct smb paths, since the actual player should be the same.

    mhh the actual watched status should be synced, external players are all handled on a timer basis. So Kodi/Jellyfin/Emby count the time the player is open and usually marks at 80%. The only thing that may break is resume/play counts.
    So you are saying trakt does not work/sync if you use JellyfinTV app with external player?

    Btw is the internal player now listed for both normal external and in direct path mode in Jellyfin app?
    Aka is the internal player correctly mime/type registered as http/stream and smb/file target?

  4. Hippoponderous

    Hippoponderous Active Member

    G'day, Andy.
    Yes & yes.
    Sorry, I didn't really explain that one accurately. It's more in regards to the status flags not showing in the Jellyfin app. Watched status & resuming media works, it's just not flagged in Jellyfin. So, Jellyfin will not display 'in progress' files which means you have to remember what you were watching. This is only really an issue if, like me, you have several movies & series in progress that you continue/resume irregularly.
    Can't answer that one, sorry. I pretty much uninstalled the app as soon as I realised it wouldn't meet my needs.

    Maybe try it for yourself. If you have more success than I did, I'd love to hear & I'll give it another go.
  5. andy22

    andy22 Active Member

    I would, but i bought a Shield TV Pro, since i did not know about VS10 and all the DV/HDR10 issues... just switched from "perfect" Win11 SDR/HTPC to the HDR 4k mess :)
    I consider trying out the Zidoo, but so far its really hard to understand the differences aka Android 9 vs Android 11 TV on shield and external/internal player issues, trakt issues.... what HT4.0 can do and store.

    Thanks again

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