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    Please developers,

    miniDLNA in OpenWRT implemented in zidoo X9S does not present the option to sort the exporting content by file name. Only by creation date. That mix up a lot series and movies added over time to the shared directory.

    What is needed is an additional input option to add the force_sort_criteria options so users can add "+upnp:eek:riginalTrackNumber" and show it correctly when .nfo files exits on one's onwn media folder or Sorting - dc:title for example. This is important when DLNA Client do not have the option to sort the incoming media and rely completely on the server options.

    Always set SortCriteria to this value, regardless of the SortCriteria passed by the
    clien t. ( E.g. force_sort_criteria=+upnp:class,+upnp:eek:riginalTrackNumber,+dc:title)

    This should be a very simple addition to the /etc/minidlna.conf created by the GUI LuCI front end.

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