Dead product ?

Discussion in 'ZIDOO H6 Pro' started by AlessandroBre66, Mar 6, 2018.


After H6 Pro you would buy a Zidoo product again

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. The complete silence of zidoo team ,
    it makes me believe that the product has really been abandoned.
    The team is alive so he removed the holiday banner.
    The fact that bugs so macroscopic are not resolved quickly, makes me believe that the problems are harware or related to the version of Android too new.
    I am very disappointed and to check I add a pool to check general satisfaction.
  2. probably all winner chipset
  3. Simon Wheway

    Simon Wheway New Member Beta test group

    I agree. I’ve emailed their customer services and get no reply since being told to wait till after their holidays. I’ve asked for a refund under the consumer rights act as it’s not fit for purpose.
  4. 720p

    720p Member Beta test group

    I don't think that there will be another zidoo product. This total silence on the forum (other products seems to be affected as well) tell us something.
  5. Simon Wheway

    Simon Wheway New Member Beta test group

    I got a message from zidoo marketplace on amazon uk yesterday. I’ve been emailing them as well as the support guys and this forum. I’d asked for a refund but they asked me to send pics of my problems. How you send a pic of a lip sync issue is beyond me and a kodi or process crash is self evident. Obviously another deferring tactic. I got onto Amazon customer service and they are issuing a refund. I’m getting a Nvidea shield. My son got one and it does what it’s supposed to and you get support. This really is a shame because the H6 could have been great. Users including myself would have been happy to test and provide diagnostics. Their loss and my last post.

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