DDWRT SAMBA NAS performance to low...

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1295)' started by RonG, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. RonG

    RonG New Member

    I configured the DDWRT SAMBA NAS for my internal WD BLUE 4TB that was formatted to NTFS GPT.
    I only get about 11MB/s from a Win10 machine over GB LAN what I find quite slow.
    To other W10 computers I get about 100MB/s.

    I had expected a much higher transfer rate.
    Do you have higher transferrates? Any ideas to improve this?
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  2. RonG

    RonG New Member

    Ok, firmware already was v2.0.34 but the device seems to be defective.

    I have connected the X10 to a different switch (smart managed) and looked after the port speed.

    In normal condition the speed is reported to be 100Mbps. I tried a different cable again that is known to work but same happens. I also tried pushing and pulling the RJ49 plug several times in the X10´s port to clean the contacts but that also doesn´t help. Then I took the plug of the cable a bit up and the LED of the switch showed 1000Mbps. I managed to copy a file from my PC and Win10 reported about 112MB/s what is a good performance. Letting the plug of the connector down again without force connection drops to 100Mbps again. So maybe there is a faulty soldered joint inside the RJ49 connector.

    I´ll order another X10 and send the current back as defective.
  3. skelton

    skelton Member

    Clearly a problem with either your cable or a defective unit. I am getting really nice speeds over gigabit connection so there is nothing wrong with the performance of the player.

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