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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X10' started by boblo, Jul 27, 2017.

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    I received this player yesterday, immediately upgraded to the latest firmware 1.4.12, the bugs I have seen are:

    1. When playing a movie, it shows the played time, no matter what you choose in the LED display, I choose to show the "remanining playing time" which is more useful for me, but it still shows the already played time not the remaining one

    2. Another issue is that it doesn't let me copy or delete files in the hard disks I attach to the player when I access them through FTP. If I use the openwrt NAS , it only shows me the internal disk not the USB external disks attached to the USB ports. Can Openwrt be implemented so it allows full access to all media attached not only to internal HDD? Or is there a way , or an FTP app that allows me copy/write files to these external media?
  2. domifer

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    Problem 2 with SAMBA and NAS is now solved, after many diggings into the openwrt settings.
    But I still have :

    1. LED not showing the remaining time just the played time, no matter what option is chose to be displayed.

    and a NEW problem:

    2. STUTTERING! With every movie I play I get from time to time stuttering, somre frames start playing like is going FASTFORWArD and the sound goes away, half of the time, the picture comes back to normal but the sound is still off, I have to pause the movie for 1-2 secs then play it again to fix it, this may happen 5-10 times during a movie, The only thing I have left to try is testing it in LOW PERFORMANCE mode (this option is in advanced settings) to see if it is buffer problem, but I come from another good player the Himedia Q10 Pro, and I used the same disks there and rarely had stuttering.

    Can anyone help? Any suggestions?

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