Color Setting for 4K 50~60Hz has issues as well

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619BPD)' started by tz0616new, Aug 17, 2023.

  1. tz0616new

    tz0616new Member

    I find that Color Setting for 4K 50~60Hz has issues as well.
    I have selected "YUV422 12Bit", but I only get the worst "YUV420 8Bit" when playing a 60Hz 4K video.
    I think the firmware has big problem for 4K color setting. It seems that the color setting for 1080P video
    is OK.

    Could you fix it ASAP?
  2. Markswift2003

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    Please see my reply to your other post.

    This means your display is not capable of 12-bit 4:2:2 at 60Hz.

    Can you post your EDID:

    To Download EDID

    Settings/Display/Custom EDID/Save EDID

    Save to a USB stick or network location.

    Change the file extension from .bin to .txt to upload to the forum

    (The forum won't accept .bin files)
  3. tz0616new

    tz0616new Member

    Resloved when HDMI2 is on.

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