Can't play video (12bit 4k Dolby Vision HEVC)

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by EB1000, Jun 23, 2019.

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    I've just ripped a Dolby Vision BD using DVDFAB which supports Dolby Vision 12bit video stream. The video file was encoded as HEVC 12bit DV 4K using mkv container. It plays fine under Windows 10 on both my desktop (GTX 1060) and laptop (Intel i7 8750H internal graphics). It also plays using Kodi 18 under windows 10. And also plays using Apple TV 4k streamer using Infuse app. But won't play by Zidoo X9S with latest FW. Getting can't play video error

    Can the X9S RTD 1295 support 4k 12bit HEVC? If not, what about the RTD 1296?

  2. giangi76

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    BD 4K don't support 12 bit color depth, but only max 10 bit (also with Dolby Vision). So If you just did a 1:1 remux to mkv, your video track should be 10 bit and not 12 bit. If you instead did a new encoding to 12 bit, it's probable the Zidoo doesn't support 12 bit video tracks. By the way, Zidoo (no model, even the 1296 chip ones) doesn't support Dolby Vision, so if you want HDR you need to remux the HDR10 video track. Also, mkv container doesn't support Dolby Vision, so I'm quite sure that you're actually watching the HDR10 track with your Windows 10 PC, Kodi and your Apple TV. By the way, you really don't need 12 bit...there's no native 12 bit display on the market! ;)
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    Thanks. Yes, you're correct about the re-encoding. DVDfab 11 allows you to re-encode as Hevc 12bit 4k. But the 12bit file plays fine in windows and apple tv. I've also downloaded some 12bit native camera captures demo files, and they play fine under Windows 10, but fail to play by Zidoo...
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    So now my question is: why did you do a 12 bit re-encoding???!!! There's no 12 bit HDR, so what you probably did is a 12 bit SDR re-enconding, and you also probably fucked the color correction (because of the tone mapping of the original video track).
    Just do a remux of that BD 4K in mkv with the HDR10 video track (I suggest you use MakeMKV to do it) and you'll be all good! The best video you can have in mkv without any need of re-enconding and it will work perfectly with your Zidoo!

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