Can't play [any H.264] video

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X10' started by zoori, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. zoori

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    I decided to write this message of last resort before I throw my Zidoo X10 away. I do hope that someone in this forum will be able to help me out, since I enjoyed my X10 very much. The problem is that a couple of days ago, out of a sudden, it stopped playing all videos encoded with H.264 - basically, most of my library. It plays sound, but shows only black screen (on-screen menus still appear), and after 10 seconds or so displays "Can't play video" and returns back to Media Center or Home Theater. And that happens with all videos that I tried. Interestingly, the player still runs videos encoded with HEVC/H.265. I was on fw 2.1.22 when this happened, did not change anything prior to that. Tried upgrading to fw 2.1.25, downgrading to 1.4.12, upgrading to 2.1.25 again, multiple resets/factory restores, connecting to different TVs, opening videos from external drive - to no avail. That makes me think that the actual problem is not with software, but with hardware. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.
  2. teidybugi

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    Have you try switching stream player in the settings?
  3. zoori

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    Yes, if I remember correctly, there was a choice between nuplayer and native, I tried to switch and it didn't help... I might give another try tomorrow
  4. teidybugi

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    When I switched the player I had to reboot zidoo to apply it and then it worked. But can't speak for H.265 how it works, but I can play HEVC movies (4K HDR) with no problems.
  5. TEAfest

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    Tried to reflash it again?

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