Can't fast forward or change chapters after pausing

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619BPD)' started by darqman, Feb 29, 2024.

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    I searched and didn't see anything on this. This has happened a few times now when playing a 4k lossless MKV from local disk on my UHD5000. We pause the movie long enough for screen saver to kick and and return to the poster wall screen. The movie shows up n the "Watching" section and when we try to resume it starts over with no prompt to resume. If I try fast forwarding the indicator moves but returns to the original position when I stop. I also cannot change chapters with the chapter menus. Last night this happened and I tried playing same title the title from my NAS using file manager instead of the poster wall, and it did let me fast forward. It's strange because it doesn't happen all the time, just occasionally. Has anyone else seen this or have any ideas?

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