Can't access Z9S after Upgrade from win 7 to win 10.

Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z9S' started by Daniel J Gove, Jun 1, 2022.

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    Hi all, I recently upgraded from a Dell XPS running Windows 7 to a Dell XPS with Windows 10. My setup also has a zidoo z9s (with a SATA hard drive attached) player hooked up to the PC with an ethernet cable. I never had any problems on my old system, I could see the files on the hard drive attached to the media player from the PC and vice-versa, I could access from the media player some files on the PC.

    However, since installing the new pc I lost all of that, or I should say I recently lost all that. After installing the new pc, I noticed under Network in File Explorer an entry called OPENWRT, this was apparently the media player and I could access the files to it and write to it from the PC as I could before. However, I noticed the other day that the OPENWRT entry was no longer listed in File Explorer under Network. Any idea what might have happened to it and how to get it back?

    Also, with regards to accessing files on the PC from the media player. I tried signing on to it from the media player but was unable, I believe it's said it was an invalid password / user ID. I used the user ID listed under system and the password that I use to sign onto the PC but no luck.

    I'm wondering if this has anything to do with my using a Microsoft account rather than a local user ID? Should I set up a local user ID and try to access that from the media player? It seems closer to the way my old system was set up. Just being able to see the Z9S's hard drive from Windows 10 file explorer would be a great start, again, it was there when I first set the PC up and was there for a while but suddenly disappeared. Not sure why, I didn't make any changes to the system. Thanks in advance for any info you all can provide!

    Dan G.
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