Cannot Restore my Home Theater 2.0 Settings HELP!!!!

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by Emmanuel81, Aug 23, 2019.

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    Hello I'm a huge supporter of the X9S, as you can see in the attached picture I purchase 3 small palettes. (18 units)

    I was hoping you can resolve an issue i've been having with the Zidoo box. Let me explain...

    • I have a 12TB hard drive full of movies
    • I spend about a month organizing and downloading the correct posters for the Movies and TV Shows in Home Theater 2.0. It's working great and looks VERY VERY beautiful.
    • I made a Backup of the FULL Setup in Home Theater 2.0 (All the posters and metadata)
    • I purchase another 12TB hard drive and made a clone copy of the other 12TB full of movies.
    • Both drive now have the EXACT SAME data but I'm unable to restore the Home Theater data. I really don't want to spend another month setting everything up, I am very very disappointed.
    • What I noticed is the correct HDD name will appear when plugged into a Windows computer, but when I connect it to the Zidoo box the 2nd hard drive is re-named with a number instead of a name.
    I would hate to re-download all the data for over 2000 movies and hundreds of TV Shows.

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    Sorry to reply to you now. Maybe you have found out that we have solved this problem. The latest version already supports source cloning, which can solve this problem. You can find it by "Source - Menu - Clone"

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