Cannot Restore my Home Theater 2.0 Settings HELP!!!!

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by Emmanuel81, Aug 23, 2019.

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    Hello I'm a huge supporter of the X9S, as you can see in the attached picture I purchase 3 small palettes. (18 units)

    I was hoping you can resolve an issue i've been having with the Zidoo box. Let me explain...

    • I have a 12TB hard drive full of movies
    • I spend about a month organizing and downloading the correct posters for the Movies and TV Shows in Home Theater 2.0. It's working great and looks VERY VERY beautiful.
    • I made a Backup of the FULL Setup in Home Theater 2.0 (All the posters and metadata)
    • I purchase another 12TB hard drive and made a clone copy of the other 12TB full of movies.
    • Both drive now have the EXACT SAME data but I'm unable to restore the Home Theater data. I really don't want to spend another month setting everything up, I am very very disappointed.
    • What I noticed is the correct HDD name will appear when plugged into a Windows computer, but when I connect it to the Zidoo box the 2nd hard drive is re-named with a number instead of a name.
    I would hate to re-download all the data for over 2000 movies and hundreds of TV Shows.

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