Can someone please explane to me , various speed scenarios when playing files from disks / Nas etc

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  1. Oodiz77

    Oodiz77 New Member

    Hello I just bought a zx9 pro. Main problem right now is that I need more hd space and a lot !
    I have tried to google and read but I’m not getting any wiser regards speeds when playing movie files or maybe i will refrain it as how much data in mb in real-time needed for play a big file.

    Let’s propose I want to play a true hd 7.1 atmos dolby vision movie that is around 60gb size.

    And the option is as I understand: pc —> Zidoo through smb pretty slow I guess

    NAS : older model SATA disk , with Ethernet port speed 1000 —-> Zidoo through smb i guess even slower then pc —> Zidoo smb option

    plug in a disk in Zidoo and play it throug usb 3.0

    or install disk in SATA port Zidoo and play

    I tested to played a 7.1 true hd , atoms Dolby vision 60gb movie and saw on the osd Zidoo information that the real-time speed was peaking over 110mb/sec at some times. But where pretty steady at around 50-75 mb / sec

    My question is , as a read that from example a NAS with giga Ethernet you will get max around 105mb/ sec and good if you reach like 80mb/sec.
    Many people in this forum run the NAS to play files. But is a NAS really good enough to play big files with realtime speed over 110mb/sec
    Or is it waist of money to even try this option.

    And of course plug in usb disk or use SATA port on Zidoo is the fastest way for high speed optioon.

    If SATA disk option is used , what disks is recommended to get steady speed over 150mb/sec ??
  2. Nissel

    Nissel Member

    Uhd Blu-ray's have a max bit rate of 144 Mbit/s, 1Gbit is 1000Mbit/s. So there is plenty of bandwidth, crappy WiFi might be an issue but any wired Nas or PC samba share should be fine. Same goes for pretty much any modern HDD.
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  3. Nissel

    Nissel Member

    Also don't confuse bits (small b) and bytes (big B) an HDD is around 100MB/s which is 800Mbit/s
  4. Oodiz77

    Oodiz77 New Member

  5. Oodiz77

    Oodiz77 New Member

    I’m planning to buy this NAS
    Fujitsu Q905

    And the disks that’s inside this NAS is :

    I have fiber internet 1000/1000 and was planing to have wire Ethernet on the NAS

    And also wired Zidoo zx9 pro.

    So you say it’s no problem at all to play the biggest movie files, without lag or buffering with this setup ?
  6. Nissel

    Nissel Member

    I would think that would be plenty fast enough. I use a 4 bay Synology unit and it works fine.
  7. Oodiz77

    Oodiz77 New Member

    Ok sounds great thx for the help
  8. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    i just use 4 -5 Tb usb hdds direct to the usb 3 or smb from PC
    A 4 Tb will hold 50-70 uhd rips easily ,and since i never use HT ,not in to all the "bloatware'" . when i want to watch a movie ,thats it
    It also means 99 percent of the time my 4Tb drives are sitting in an alumium case unpowered i hope will last longer

    Mostly due to the nasty price of HDDs here in nz ie 4 Tb usb runs 220 and up Raid sized drives are just plain scary prices :p
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  9. Oodiz77

    Oodiz77 New Member

    I have been looking on this one to :

    Could be a alternative to a NAS
  10. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    check first if zidoo OS supports 24 TB drive ie highest ive seen ppl discuss on here so far was 16 or 18Tb ones
  11. Oodiz77

    Oodiz77 New Member

    My thought was to connect it to the pc then through smb to zidoo. Not directly in to zidoo
    Then there would be no hard drive limit, or am I wrong ?
  12. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    im limited to 5 Tb drives so ill pass on that :p
  13. Faceman2k24

    Faceman2k24 Active Member

    Published drive limits are usually just related to the biggest drive available for testing at the time. you can now get single 22tb+ disks and they will work.

    However in the case of devices like the WD USB DAS linked above, you are on your own, they are not standard HDDs but two HDDs and an integrated raid controller. They do tend to confirm to normal USB Mass Storage standards, but you cant know for sure.

    Best to stick to NAS devices if you need more storage than a single disk allows.
  14. Oodiz77

    Oodiz77 New Member

    Ok great information ! Thx
  15. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    16 TB limit is related to SATA port on Zidoo devices based on Android operating system. USB controllers convert large drive mapping over USB port. 24 TB could work just fine over Zidoo USB 3.0 port but it needs to be tested and confirmed.
  16. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    @Oodiz77 you don't need high speed and performance network drives or NAS stations. Just make sure the Gigabit network is OK everywhere. Any bad connection on the plug will drop the network speed to 100 Mbps. Any old "green" power efficient hard drive will do for 60 GB UHD files.
  17. Oodiz77

    Oodiz77 New Member

    ok i understand. And if I go for the SATA slot
    Orion on zidoo player. Should I use a Nasware disk or an “ordinary” disk
  18. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    As long as the SATA connector fits and works the disk type shouldn't matter. It's what you are comfortable with. I don't have backup for my movie collections and use low price disks.
    Some other guys use top network performance drives in RAID Mirrored setup with anther backup. You have to find your price and storage size ratio.
  19. Oodiz77

    Oodiz77 New Member

    Ok i see , don’t need to backup anything
  20. darky_zidoo

    darky_zidoo Active Member

    I would go for qnap or synology.
    Synology I am sure they give you lots of updates

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