BUG? SMB sources not being remembered + suggestions

Discussion in 'Development' started by Morten Stjernholm, Mar 2, 2021.

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    I think the Zidoo players are GREAT products on a technical level. Very good implementations of almost everything, BUT there is a very annoying BUGS that I would very much like to have fixed that destroys the user experience for me. Also, I have a couple of suggestions I would like to share to improve the product.

    1). SMB Sources are not remembered if power is removed

    Imagine that you have a library of thousands of files on a SMB share, that the Zidoo has scanned and created a library for. After power has been removed, the Zidoo list the source as unavaliable, even after restart. The only thing possible is to DELETE the source, re-authenticate and scan the entire library AGAIN...

    That is very annoying and makes the unit useless for people that uses it with SMB shares.

    Authentication and should be stored, and the SMB should try to re-connect every time.

    Also, it seem silly, that when you currently set up the source again, the database needs to be rebuilt, instead of reading the old one??

    None of the issues is there when using a local drive.

    2). A better way to ensuring correct movie metadata

    The Zidoo is very good at associating metadata with most movies, however users should be able to easily edit the info if it is not correct. May I suggest that IMDB movie numbers could be used, and data pulled from there? This way, even the most rare movies can have perfect metadata.

    Exsample: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0459835/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

    Say, that user add the IMDB tt number to the filename (exsample). historien_om_en_mor (tt0459835).mkv and Zidoo would pick up this information and use for the metadata? That would be a brilliant and bulletproff method of ensuring the correct data is used. If a tt number is not added, Zidoo should just use the old method.

    3). Ability to replicate folder structures in database

    Lets say a user has folders for the content, and would like the database to visualise that as well?

    I have all my old movies from before 1980 in a separate folder structure, as I dont watch them that much, but would like to reference them quickly when needed. There is no reason why all those movies are visible in the root of the database, when they could be tucked away nicely in a folder.

    4) The ability to create bookmarks / playlists of scenes and media across the entire library.

    This is a dream for any movie freak. Imagine to have a way to make a playlist of in and out points across the entire library that can be saved for different purposes? Is that not the entire reason for digitizing your disc library in the first place?

    Let me know if i overlooked something that allows for these features.

    5) Display output settings not being remembered?

    Say I want to use a fixed resolution and framerate for output, to avoid changes in resolution (and all the problems associated with that on some displays or projectors) in a presentation. When i change the display settings, it is not always remembered after playback. This must be a bug?

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