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Discussion in 'ZIDOO H6 Pro' started by FireCrackerJim, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. Video Stutters for like 5 mins before going smooth, and before you say its my internet or the app was designed for phones it doesnt do it on my 2 s912 chipset boxes.
  2. kaneda79

    kaneda79 Member

    Weird! Incompatibility with a specific hardware is not impossible. I have a Lenovo tablet incapable to run an app that on my Samsung phone run well.
    In any case give it another try to exclude is not a problem with the servers of the application
  3. nope its the All winner chip for sure and its firmware
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  4. dikonomi

    dikonomi Member

    I open BT from Cerebro IPTV in Kodi and watch entire matches without problem, like Bayern-Besiktas last night.
  5. thats not official is it tho.

    I actually have an official account
  6. dikonomi

    dikonomi Member

    No, it's not official.
  7. Parimatch

    Parimatch New Member

    Thank you, guys for such advices! As for me I advice you - a great place to follow all the latest sport news. Maybe you have heard about it?

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