Broken zidoo x10 received

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X10' started by ismael gopal, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. ismael gopal

    ismael gopal New Member

    Hi all
    Recently bought and received my zidoo x10
    Based in South Africa, so only real option to buy was from
    Upon opening the package the hard drive bay was broken and loose

    I contacted gearbest immediately
    Initially they offered me 20 USD refund (I paid 200 USD + shipping)

    This was their latest response
    • Gearbest Customer Support At11/07/2017 18:41:17

      Dear Ismael,

      We contacted with our manufacturer and sent your video to them.

      Does the item work except for the loose screws?

      Please try to find that whether there are some loose screws,and tighten them.

      Please let us know whether it works.

      Best regards,


      Gearbest Customer Service

      Can anyone please advise or perhaps assist?

      I have also contacted zidoo support

  2. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    well, things are in gearbest hands, most correct thing to do is to not accept the gift and sent it back for warranty.
    If you don't want to/can't do that, only thing i can think of is open the box and see if you can fix it yourself, can't tell from the video if the thing is broken or not mounted properly.
  3. ismael gopal

    ismael gopal New Member

    Yeah absolutely, thanks for replying
    Am quite happy to return it to them
    For a replacement
    They are stalling and not wanting to accept it for a return
    I can claim from PayPal too but just want to highlight the poor customer service from gearbest
  4. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    yah, they are not the best, just don't ask, Tell them they should accept the request for RMA ( ) because the produce arrived broken and not drag things for no reason or you will involve paypal in this. PayPal does not mess around whit things like this.
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  5. Max-78

    Max-78 Member

    I'm having exactly the same issue with Customer Service is very poor. They created me a lot of troubles with Customs by improperly describing the item, then it appeared that it arrived damaged the same way as 'Ismael Gopal'...

    So far I managed to make it work and make the display unit and remote to work (the internal connector was ripped out of the socket).
    Still the HDD tray is to be checked and repaired (if possible at all)...
  6. Hechizo

    Hechizo New Member

    I'm having exactly the same issue with
  7. ismael gopal

    ismael gopal New Member

    sorry to hear about that guys....
    gearbest refunded me some of the purchase price, and i fixed the unit myself
    just wasn't practical for me to return the unit
  8. Max-78

    Max-78 Member

    What was the amount they did refund to you? :)
  9. ismael gopal

    ismael gopal New Member

  10. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    that's a big a*s discount :)
  11. Max-78

    Max-78 Member

    Geekbuying did offer to me barely 20USD... This is disgrace...
    Repair in PL costs 100USD........
  12. videobruce

    videobruce Member

    Maybe someone should start a where NOT to (or where to) buy thread? ;)
  13. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    buy from amazone. don't buy from geekbuying. simple as that

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