Beta version v2.3.45 for Z9S/Z10/Z1000/X20/X20 PRO/UHD2000

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  1. kayama728

    kayama728 Member Beta test group

    i try to restore cover or re-match, no way
    so i deleted all
    i choose my language: Italian, i added souce and ran the scrape -> all titles are in English

    please fix it
  2. Inikad

    Inikad Active Member

    Did you check if the language selected in the HT4.0 settings has changed by itself to english?

    I own a Z10 Pro (RTD 1619) and until the last firmware, I had to use the same language both in the GUI settings and the HT4.0 settings because of a bug. After a clear data or a restart, the language in HT changed by itself to english because I used english for the GUI, no matter if I wanted to use my own language in HT. With the last firmware for the Z10 Pro, the issue is solved and I can use two different languages in GUI and HT4.0 again.
  3. kayama728

    kayama728 Member Beta test group

    yes, i checked it, the GUI is italian, ht4 is italian too, but all titles are english
  4. metar

    metar New Member

    Era successo anche a me mesi fa.
    - resettare l'HT4
    - settare il linguaggio SOLO nelle impostazioni generali del Z9S, e non nell'HT4
    - rifare lo scraping
  5. kayama728

    kayama728 Member Beta test group

    thank you metar, i already did it, but i had to re-check and correct over 15.000 files, it isn't acceptable
    and i did some other test
    this is a bug, so please fix it
  6. Hi guys,

    I installed firmware 2.3.45 in my Z9S .... initially it seemed to work ... now any video stops after a few seconds ... I want to go back to the old version, how to proceed?
    Thank you
  7. furzgesicht

    furzgesicht Member

    Hey Guys,

    i found another bug.

    I have assigned a time jump of 1 minute to the arrow up button. After installing the 2.3.45 beta, the times were swapped. It now only jumps forward 10 seconds. After I have selected in the new "Jump 5 minutes forward", he jumps now again the desired 1 minute.

    Should be Fixed.
  8. Deano86

    Deano86 Active Member

    Are you reporting this to ?
  9. LarryZ

    LarryZ Member

    Hi, i noticed the same error. It is because they added a new menu point "Audio Offset". But this menu point is not available in all languages. So if you have another UI language than english the menu points have the wrong order.

    Wenn ich mir deinen Benutzernamen ansehe nehm ich an du kommst auch aus Deutschland? Ich hab den Leuten schon geschrieben, dass der Men├╝punkt fehlt, aber wenn sich noch jemand meldet ist das sicher kein Fehler.
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  10. Voyager

    Voyager New Member


    I updated my Z9S with this beta. After some issues with the USB3 ports not recognizing any drives (solved with reset), i see a strange issue.

    I have the Display / HDMI Mode to AUTO.

    Sometimes it is set to something else, like 1080p 23p (NOT AUTO 1080p 23p).

    I understood that because my TV didn't always displayed the selected mode. Previously it always displayed the mode when i started an mkv. Searching i saw that the Auto was not selected.

    Finally, i had two freezes while starting Ziddo. After the Zidoo logo loading, nothing happened. A restart with the power fixed it. Never had this previously.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2021
  11. furzgesicht

    furzgesicht Member

    I definitely suffer from the same phenomenon, USB-HDDs are not recognized on any USB port (not even the 2.0 ones) after the uprgade... Is it really necessary to perform a factory reset???
  12. Voyager

    Voyager New Member

    Well i don't know. What i did was i removed all usb drives, did a factory reset within Zidoo, replugged and it worked 100% ok (for the usb issues).
  13. Voyager

    Voyager New Member

    After some days with this beta, i must say that the recognition of usb disks is not working. It seems that USB3 ports are showing more this issue, USB2 posts always work.

    USB3 sometimes work, usually not.

    USB flash sticks work all the time. Drives (3.5 in my case) do not.
  14. Voyager

    Voyager New Member

    Ok, some more update of my USB external drives issues. It is NOT related to this beta, since i flashed back to default and updated to the latest official.

    The issue happens to that release also. The issue seems to be if you use more than 2 USB ports, and i was. I added a second external drive and i have now two 3.5 disks and one flash stick.

    If i remove one of the 3, it works fine. I will continue this elsewhere since it is not related to this beta.
  15. AbuSarah

    AbuSarah Member


    Problem Arabic translation in serials and movies from Netflix. We want a solution to the problem, please.
    The problem is translation. The letters are broken off. Or spaced out.
    Because we Arabs suffer from the unavailability of translations on the sites.Therefore, I want help in solving the problem in the beta update.
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  16. cNone

    cNone New Member

    The dreaded cant remembering the full aspect ratio issue returned with this version. Please fix.
  17. Deano86

    Deano86 Active Member

    If you have verified a software bug with this version, then it's probably a better idea to send an email directly to with the specifics of your situation. I find that they do respond to questions and issues.
  18. cNone

    cNone New Member

    Yes I have. Rebooted several times, installed the gapps and it is still there. I have listened your advice and sent a report to the service email :)
    Thanks for heads up.
  19. Sweetbeat

    Sweetbeat New Member

    does anyone know when there will be a new stable version? btw when will the 2.3.45 not beta anymore?

    regards Sweet

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