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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by Lucas Grijander, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. Lucas Grijander

    Lucas Grijander New Member

    Willl have Zidoo X6 Pro support for 'Android TV' and apps?
  2. Lucas Grijander

    Lucas Grijander New Member

    No answers?
  3. spring

    spring Guest

    can you provide some app for us test?
  4. Craig Arnold

    Craig Arnold New Member

    Overall Android TV is more of a design standard for manufacture and supporting app designers development to that standard for the delivery of live television streams from a variety of TV distribution sources around the world. They also deveoped the App the OP is refering too, I am guessing. I would think the folks at google would give you the app for you to test but you need a broadcast source [OTA tuner Over the Air] or cable system with clearqam [USA] or CableCARD sytem in the USA and other areas like the UK and the EU system. The standards are on the site I think. Many of the suppliers of the devices rely on third party software such as Kodi which can access SiliconDusts tuners via the HDHomerun add on in that softwares system of add ons. Since you can run Kodi I suspect your compliant without even trying but the biggest stumbling block in N. America would be mpeg2 which a lot of people think software developers are waiting on next year for the expiration of patents on key ones. But companies like SiliconDust are making devices for many areas around the globe. Also phones typically do not have the ability to use mpeg2 and require transcoding [SiliconDust has a tuner for OTA that does this] to h.264 but they don't have the processor power to do that on the fly usually for HD on a phone. Even Googles App needed an update called M to use mpeg2...

    While Google announced this project to a packed house of software designers and handed out the ADT-1 to use for designing software 18 months ago. I did not really see a huge amount of manufacturers rushing up and wondered how many got the memo. Don't worry your not alone. The biggest part of the US market would be OTA and online content delivery. While a few of us are searching for DRM compliant [essentially HDCP] android boxes that will allow for playback of such content. This is a specific USA cable TV standard niche market that could be a 6 to 10 million unit market.

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